IMAP to Google Apps Domain Migration - Real-Time Synchronization of Webmail Servers

IMAP to Google Apps Cloud Converter thats Conveniently  Migrate IMAP Server emails to Google Apps

Starting at $69

IMAP (Instant Message Access Protocol), the dominated internet standard protocol for email retrieval from any webmail server (Google Mail or Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Rediff Mail, MSN Hot Mail, Windows Live Mail, AIM/AOL Mail, Lotus Live, Zoho Mail, Fastmail, GMX Mail, Bigstring Mail & other webmail servers). How often do you get distracted on the best solution for IMAP to Google Apps migration hassles? Though is crucial and significant to starts IMAP to Google Apps email for real-time synchronization.

More importantly, you must require having the best third-party IMAP to Google Apps migration tool to transfer IMAP to Google Apps services without any hassles. Start moving your emails from any domain webmail server to Google Apps domain through unveiled lightweight PCVITA Express Migrator for Google Apps utility.

Why PCVITA Express Migrator for Own Domain to Google Apps Sync??

  • Real-time emails migration and data consistency
  • Genuinely serve credentials with no data leaks
  • Smooth & reasonable price for Small, Medium & Large Enterprise Business

Start Switching IMAP to Google Apps Services with Free Trial

Download IMAP to Google Apps migration tool for FREE Cloud move. Test and evaluate the software and upload 50 emails from IMAP Server to Google Apps platform. Acquire the full version for the entire emails transfer from any webmail server to Google Apps, starting price $69 only. Unlimited support with free usages (chat/email/video/user guide/product sheet).

Significant Features:

  • Convert unlimited emails in batch from any IMAP webmail server to Google Apps cloud mails folder
  • Accurately migrate inbox, outbox, sent items, deleted items, draft and custom folder into Google Apps mailboxes
  • Transfer emails into Google Apps with the support of multiple IMAP users over any webmail services migration
  • Import IMAP Server emails to single/multiple Google Apps users though any webmail services synchronization
  • Export IMAP account emails to Google Apps email folder in same folder hierarchy
  • Software also creates exact folders/labels inside Google Apps for custom IMAP email server folders
  • Upload IMAP webmail server emails to Google Apps using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) synchronization
  • Automatically detects and replace duplicate emails while switch IMAP webmail server to Google Apps
  • Provide re-migration functionality for any abrupt interruption or error synching
  • Features to starts import CSV file of (multiple IMAP and Google Apps Username and Password)
  • Functionality for adding or deleting single or multiple IMAP users or Google Apps users
  • Sustain the copy of original emails while switching from any domain webmail server to Google Apps domain
  • Maintain the Meta information (Sender, cc, Subject, Modified on, Created on) while move webmail to Google Apps
  • Securely upload webmail emails with the entire attachment files over Google Apps cloud services
  • Support shifting from own domain to Google Apps for Free, Business, Education, Government & Nonprofit platforms

How to Migrate IMAP to Google Apps?

The term migration refers the flexible synchronization of any domain webmail server. To shift IMAP to Google Apps server, you must require having the best utility to export emails from IMAP to Google Apps services. The best utility that syncs a domain webmail server with Google Apps server is PCVITA Express Migrator for Google Apps. Migration from IMAP Server to Google Apps is too easy & for how to migrate IMAP to Google Apps mail server, lots of stuffs and unlimited support is FREE.