Express Migrator for Office 365 - Software to Migrate Documents, Files, Folders & Emails Data!

As more and more enterprises are moving towards Cloud Computing platform to face the challenges of industry, now it becomes compulsory to keep enterprise content like document, mail, contacts, folders and files in more agile and controlled environment. Microsoft Office 365 is a commercial solution for regularizing the content and messaging platform on a cloud environment. It’s a pay as you go service with variety of features. Virtually anywhere access to email, web conferencing, documents, and calendars. Easy enhanced administrative control with 99.9% uptime. Our Office 365 Migration Tools are:

Transfer Lotus Notes emails, contacts and calendars through Express Migrator
Starting at $299

File System to Office 365

File system to Office 365 migration software provides a best solution for migrating file system to Office 365. This product is a latest competing product of industry to transfer file share to SharePoint online while preserving the permissions. This makes the file system to Office 365 Migration an easy and simple project to execute. 

  • Provides rich & powerful functionality with an easy and simplistic user interface
  • Massively transfer your files and folders from your file system to Office 365 
  • Transfer file share, network share and network drive data to SharePoint online
  • Source to destination easy drag and drop mapping functionality
Switch from MS Outlook to Google Apps with all PST emails, contacts and calendars entries
Starting at $299

Exchange Public Folder to Office 365

Integrating centralized data stored in Public folders with latest technology like Office 365 brings the complexities during migration process. Exchange public folder to office 365 program performs bulk migration, keeps the structure of Exchange Public Folder and synchronizes post migration changes with pre-migration character mapping.

  • Copy exchange public folder documents to office 365
  • Import exchange public folder files to SharePoint online
  • Support for data coherency and complex mappings
  • Extensive filtering with granular migration
Import emails from your own domain or any webmail server supported IMAP account to Google Apps
Starting at $299

Lotus Notes Documents to Office 365

Being in synchronization with latest technologies & collaboration among teams do require technology mergers. Lotus Notes documents to Office 365 migration software prove to be the best tool for integrated management of Lotus Notes & Office 365. This fundamental solution helps to consolidate enterprise-wide document onto Office 365.

  • convert lotus notes documents to SharePoint online in bulk
  • migrate lotus notes documents to office 365
  • migrate NSF documents by maintaining details and hierarchy
  • Filtered approach to data migrations  to Office 365
Import emails from your own domain or any webmail server supported IMAP account to Google Apps
Starting at $299

Lotus Notes Mails to Office 365

The challenge is to find a solution with right combination of technical flexibility and synchronization for enterprise-wide mails. Lotus Notes mails to Office 365 migration tool is the perfect solution for automated migration of IBM Lotus Notes to Office 365. Including the migration of business emails, calendars, contacts & more to Office 365.

  • Migrating  IBM domino server content  to Office 365
  • migrate lotus notes contacts to office 365 efficiently
  • Export lotus notes nsf files to SharePoint online
  • Migrating customized email maintaining the original format
Import emails from your own domain or any webmail server supported IMAP account to Google Apps
Starting at $299

Outlook Mails to Office 365

Regularizing Outlook mails information in collaboration with Office 365 is latest industrial demand. The best solution to fulfill the gap is Outlook mails to Office 365 migration product. Provides a synchronized and agile migration approach for stipulating PST files and contacts to Office 365.

  • Migrate outlook contacts to office 365 with zero redundancy
  • Automated PST file migration with automatic updates
  • Provides flexible meta data profile and character mapping
  • Organized bulk migrations with customization
Import emails from your own domain or any webmail server supported IMAP account to Google Apps
Starting at $299

SharePoint to Office 365

Latest technological trend is switching form an on premise platform to off premise, makes compulsory to migrate on premise Share Point content on Office 365. The best tool Microsoft SharePoint to office 365 migration application which accelerates the bulk migration process enhanced collaboration and communication.

  • Provides real time synchronization
  • Upload SharePoint sites to Office 365
  • Migration of SharePoint lists and document library  to SharePoint online
  • Extensible search option with organized meta information
Import emails from your own domain or any webmail server supported IMAP account to Google Apps
Starting at $299

Office 365 to Office 365

Collaboration with synchronization among working entities is required feature of large organization. True coexistence for on-premises and off premise platform is upcoming problem. Office 365 to office 365 migration tool is an adequate solution to overcome the situation. A cost effective and agile approach for structured migrations for

  • Migrate office 365 sites to office 365 with error recovery
  • Migrate office 365 documents library and lists to SharePoint online
  • Automated updates with synchronization
  • Migrating relevant permissions associated with data

PCVITA considered the complex and challenging task of migration on Office 365, hence developed an extremely powerful and efficient product for green horn users with simplified interface. For that, PCVITA also provides well furnished and flawless support until the migration process is accomplished successfully. Migration speed depends upon Network Bandwidth.