Migrate File System to Office 365: Cloud Leverage

File System to SharePoint Migration

Starting at $299

Focus on business projects less infrastructure concerns leads you towards clouds as only alley-way to be industry collimate. Collaborative workspace scenarios converging supply-chains et al withal global access to legacy data could drive you long way through IT highways being efficient and secure aside. Microsoft Inc. grass-rooted Office 365 cloud services let you approach "SAAS" in much cost-effective way but mapping organizational organic hierarchy onto SharePoint do require effective software which besides consolidations assure you with pre-migration character mapping and configuration settings. Windows File System to Office 365 migration managing ad-hoc jobs go easy with PCVITA Express Migrator for Office 365 software:

  • Uncluttered migrations, powered to auto resume
  • Time tabled reports and real time migration stats

FREE Trail - Start Migrating from File System to Office 365

We recommend to every users, get the FREE trail version of File System to Office 365 converter tool and start uploading the data upto 500 MB. For more, make a small investment (Starts at $299) and get the Full version for further data moving.

File System to Office 365 Migrations:  move file server, upload files or shift file share in whole

  • Job wrapped consolidations for better management of same
  • Rollback navigation to consider further before migrations
  • Hefty data dumps irrespective of granularity level

Express Migrator for Office 365: Migrations in extent

  • Consolidate documents from Windows and networked file share to SharePoint 2007 and 2010 online libraries
  • Maximize ROI from existing content going online.
  • Map files, folders, disk or any anticipated chunk of Windows file system to Office 365 SharePoint online Document Library, Form Library, Data connections, report, Picture, Shared Library or any self developed SharePoint resources.
  • Set custom Meta data values besides prior intimacy of same

Supported Resources for Optimal Results, Migrate Windows File System to Office 365

  1. File systems from Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista & Microsoft Windows 7
  2. File systems from Microsoft Server 2000, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition or Windows Server 2003 Web Edition, Windows Server 2008
  3. Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Services

PCVITA abridged Windows File System to Office 365 migrations: Hassle free migrations being tender-foot is no more a tech. fiction now. PCVITA makes it possible, came up with PCVITA Express Migrator for Office 365, the in demand utility to migrate File System to Office 365 legacy aboard 24x7 comprehensive migration supports customized to user schedule FREE. Perform unconstrained migrations for $299 and start transfer files, upload files to SharePoint online, move entire file server or granule shift file share documents to SharePoint Online i.e. Office 365.